Every Flower must grow through Dirt. Focusflags Gardening Courses

Everybody can become a perfect gardener.

However, for this, you need to get gardening skills!

This basic course covers a broad spectrum of gardening topics, including vegetable and flower gardening, lawn care, tree and shrub management, etc.

A Perfectly Manicured Garden

Don't let uninvited growth get in the way of your beautiful blooms or impressive vegetable garden this year. Instead of relying on expensive store-bought solutions that often contain harsh chemicals, make your own homemade plant that will banish the offensive greenery in no time.

Create a Plan

To avoid crowding, Sullivan suggests researching your plants first so you know exactly how big they will get and how to space them out accordingly.

Pick Your Plants

Some people pore over catalogs for months; others head to the garden center and buy what wows them. Either method works as long as you choose plants adapted to your climate, soil, and sunlight. You can even surf the Internet for plants to purchase.

Intensive Cropping

Boost your garden’s productivity with intensive cropping, which means that you space two or three plants close together in a bed about 4 feet wide (aka a wide row). Seeds are sown or transplants are placed so that their leaves will barely touch at maturity. This approach, which uses almost every square inch of the prepared soil, works well for most types of vegetables, excluding the ones that vine (such as cucumbers).

The prettiest flowers to grow in your garden


Quick-growing and colourful, nasturtiums are easy plants for children to grow. Sow them in borders as ground cover or let them spill out of containers. The large seeds can be sown directly into the soil - just wait until after the last frosts. Their peppery leaves and flowers complement and garnish summer salads.


This flower is commonly mistaken for a daisy because of its bright bloom in a variety of colors including pink, purple, red and white. Coneflowers are relatively drought-tolerant, good for bouquets and also invite songbirds where they are planted.

Garden Cosmos

This full-sun perennial grows to 2 to 5 feet high with blooms in crimson, pink, and white. Like the Cleome hassleriana, Cosmos bipinnatus is easy to grow from seed and often self-sows. However, it cannot tolerate rich soil, and will yield fewer flowers.

Lillie Tucker,
a founder of Focusflags Gardening Courses